Priority Ambulance invests in software developer Randseco; StatCall digital transportation solution to be deployed across national footprint

June 9, 2020

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – Priority Ambulance and Randseco announced today the companies have joined together to advance StatCall, a leading digital platform in the medical transportation space. StatCall is a secure web-based system for requesting medical transportation – both emergency and non-emergency- integrating with ambulance service CAD systems, which allows for transfer coordinators to rapidly request transports online, freeing resources from time- consuming phone calls.

“We are very pleased to join with the Randesco team to expand digital transportation solutions for hospital and health-care customers to new levels,” said Priority Ambulance CEO Bryan Gibson. “By integrating StatCall, our customers will be able to order exactly the transportation resource they need with one click, which will drive optimized efficiency and greater throughput,” Gibson explained. “It’s a win-win for the customer and the provider, and we look forward to implementing StatCall across the Priority family of companies nationwide.”

StatCall is effectively a data translator between multiple systems commonly used to schedule, complete and bill medical transportation services. The platform creates HIPAA-compliant, secure, two-way data highways among systems, including hospital electronic medical records, EMS computer-aided dispatch, wheelchair services, Medicaid brokers and insurance companies.

Randseco CEO Patrick (Sean) Tyler, Dr.B.A., said, “Randseco chose Priority Ambulance as a partner, because we know that we are joining a family of progressive, like-minded companies.“With a financial and creative partner like Priority Ambulance, we can take Randseco and its StatCall suite of software solutions to the next level and deploy integrative solutions across the healthcare ecosystem.”

Tyler and business partner Raj Sankranti formed Randseco in 2015 to blend the unique skills and experiences of the partners. Sankranti is a software expert with 25 years of software engineering and systems architecture experience and Tyler is CEO of a Boston-based ambulance service and healthcare consultant who works closely with hospitals in patient flow management. The partnership extended to include software development experts Rob Thompson, Dan Starvish and Mike Silk.  

“As a medical transportation provider, my goal was to solve operating challenges with solid data and analytics, but the way that health-care data is stored in silos became a barrier to innovation,” said Tyler. “Raj, the Randseco team and I found a common ground for translating and sharing data among varied, complex systems to improve operations and ultimately to comprehensively streamline patient progression through the healthcare system. We developed software that worked, and we built a company based on nimble software development anchored by and a rich understanding of the data structures in ambulance and hospital systems.

“With the addition of Priority as a customer and partner, StatCall will facilitate an estimated one million medical transports in 2020,” said Tyler. “But it doesn’t stop there. When the health provider and the transportation service are digitally connected, all the other labor intensive and time-consuming administrative tasks, such as seeking prior authorization for transport, are also eligible for improvement.”

Case managers and other hospital staff can access and monitor the status of transportation requests in real time through a secure, cloud-based dashboard. Notifications of status updates can be sent to designated hospital staff via text message from the time the ambulance is dispatched to the time the patient is delivered to their destination. Caregivers and loved ones can also receive updates via text messaging.

StatCall has been approved as an ordering interface within the major electronic medical record (EMR) platforms, such as Epic and Cerner. StatCall founders also were the architects of the most prevalent emergency medical service computer-aided dispatch (CAD) software for ambulance services.

StatCall’s “one-stop” capability allows the system to schedule any level of transportation with any partner organization based on patient need.

About Priority Ambulance

Based in Knoxville, Tenn., Priority Ambulance provides the highest level of clinical excellence in emergency and nonemergency medical care to the communities it serves. Throughout its national service area, approximately 3,000 highly trained paramedics and EMTs staff a fleet of approximately 550 state-of-the-art emergency vehicles with the latest medical equipment and technology.

Priority Ambulance’s community of companies operates under trusted local brands providing medical transport options in nine states. The Priority Ambulance company partners include Shoals Ambulance in Alabama; Maricopa Ambulance in Arizona; Puckett EMS in Georgia and Southeast Tennessee; Central EMS in Georgia; Seals Ambulance in Indiana; Kunkel Ambulance in Upstate New York; Trans Am Ambulance in western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania; Medshore Ambulance in South Carolina; Priority Ambulance in East Tennessee; A&E EMS in Tennessee; Baptist Ambulance in West Tennessee and Mississippi. For more information, visit

About StatCall

Randseco, LLC, Inc. began operations in 2015 in Boston. Randseco creates and employs integrative solutions that bridge the chasms between those who need patients transported and providers who care for these patients. This includes hospital EMR systems and ambulance service providers focused on linking disparate data systems. Focused on the healthcare ecosystem, Randseco’s team of talented engineers leverage its skill in software development against tomorrow’s problems in health-care system access, progression and equity. Additional information is available at